Solar Eclipse: 10/23/14 - temple timing changes: Due to solar eclipse temple will have following timings:

Morning Opening: 8AM - 10AM (temple will remain closed from 10AM to 5:15PM)
Evening Opening: 5:15 pm - Diwali function

Special Navgrah abhishekam: 6:30 - 7:15PM

Puja to be performed at temple after Solar Eclipse: Navgrah Abhishek

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:15pm

Who should perform: Post-eclipse time is auspicious. For those with horoscope doshas such as rahu dosha and kalasarpa dosha, this is good opportunity to perform the shanti pooja especially  those with the following nakshatras: Hastha, Uttara, Chitta, Mrughasira, Rohini, Swathi, Vishakha, and Krutthika.

Puja Samagri needed: 1/2-1/2 milk, fruits and flowers. 

How to observe eclipse:

  1. All devotees, must bath before the eclipse begins. This is known as grahana snaan. Similarly, after an eclipse, all devotees must bath, also known as, grahana vimochana snaan.  
  2. During the eclipse, to increase spirituality, a person can chant their favourite sloka to obtain siddhi.  Also, during an eclipse, pitrupoojas, and tarpanas can be perfomed. After the completion of an eclipse graha homa and daan to brahmins and pitrudevas  should be performed for doshas.
  3. As per hindu scripture, seeing the sun with naked eye is harmful (Which is also recommended by science). Pregnant ladies should avoid sunlight and stay indoors during eclipse. it is said that there is an increased incidence of babies being born with cleft palate and other such physical defects.  
  4. People should also completely avoid eating and minimize drinking liquids during the eclipse as much as possible.