Shani Transition 2014

On November 2, 2014, planet Saturn (Shani) transitions from Libra (Tula rashi) to Scorpio (Vruschik rashi). Please know that the Hindu rashi are called moon signs. In USA, we know rashi as Sun signs. These two can be completely different.

Shani's Sade Saati (Seven & Half Year of Shani Panoti): Shani affects three zodiac signs. So currently, it affects Libra [from where it is moving away after 2.5 years], Scorpio ([ts current location after Nov 2, where it will stay for 2.5 years] and Sagittarius [the future location after 2.5 years]. It takes 7.5 years for it to complete this cycle and hence the name.

Effect of this transition on affected zodiac signs:

  1. Libra [first name begins with letters*: R, T]: Financial benefits, increase in income.
  2. Scorpio [first name begins with letters*: N, Y]: May have to work harder. May not get proportionate results for the hard work put in.
  3. Sagittarius [first name begins with letter*: Bh, Dh, F]: Good results of hard work and increase in income.

Indirectly effected zodiac signs (Small Shani Panoti ): 

  • Aries for first 2.5 years: [first name begins with letters*: [A, L, E]
  • Leo for first 2.5 years: [first name begins with letters*: [M,T]

*: only if your name is based on zodian sign of moon [not sun].

By Performing Pooja , fasting, Havan and Prayers, the effect of Shani Panoti may be minimize.