Invocation: (at the beginning of the ceremony)

Namaste everyone.

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers and Coaches,

My name is Panditji Brijesh and I am the priest at the Hindu Temple of Las Vegas located in Summerlin.

Thank you all and the Meadow's school for giving me this opportunity to be part of this very special day for all these talented young individuals. As we all know this celebration of graduation is the result of students, teachers and parents working together harmoniously and sincerely leading to a complete individual.

I want to focus on what our ancient Hindu wisdom from the Veda's say about the teacher and student. Our Vedas is a sacred text similar to the Bible and the Quran.

Sanskrit Sloka - "Guru Brahma----Tasmaith Shree Gurave Namaha"

Guru means Teacher. Guru is equal to the Hindu trinity Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.  Para Brahma means – WE BOW DOWN TO OUR TEACHERS.

The Veda's also describe how a great student should think and act like so he or she will be blessed with success for ever—

Sanskrit Sloka - काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव , स्वल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं।

This means that a great student should

1) Think like a CROW – Just like a Crow picks up what is good for it, you should also pick up good habits.

2) Focus like a Flamingo – A Flamingo focuses its attention on one fish only among hundreds. Similarly, you should FOCUS

    100% on your objectives and Goals.

3) Sleep lightly like a DOG – Dogs sleep very lightly and wake up with the slightest noise. Likewise, you should sleep light

    and not be lazy. Be always prepared to gain knowledge.

4) Eat less like a BIRD – Birds eat less. Similarly you should eat less which means you get to sleep less and at the same time gain more knowledge.

Finally, you should always respect the Mother, Father and Teacher. The Lord blesses the student who follows these rules sincerely with education and success. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this day. May God bless all of you.


Benediction: (at the end of the ceremony)