Guru Purnima:

Hindus celebrate 'Guru Purnima' in honor of the great sage Vyasa, who is seen as one of the greatest gurus in ancient Hindu traditions, and a symbol of the Guru-shishya tradition. Vyasa was not only believed to have been born on this day, but also to have started writing the Brahma Sutras on ashadha sudha padyami which ends on this day, hence their recitations as a dedication to him, are organised on this day, which is also known as Vyasa Purnima.

The festival is common to all spiritual traditions in Hinduism, where it is dedicated to the expression of gratitude towards the teacher by his/her disciple.


Temple Program:

Performed by: Panditji Gopal

Puja Fees: $101

7:00 pm: Sri Satyanarayan Puja

8:30 pm: Arthi


Items to Bring: Fruits, Flower, Coconuts (6), Prasaad