Hindu Temple Children's Activity Room

The vision behind activity room is to provide a structured space for kids to have fun while their parents are praying. This room will serve as a safe place, on major temple events, for children to play and enjoy while parents are engage in the religious activities inside the temple. Children, being children, are often bored and therefore either distract devotees who are focused on the prayer or end up running around in the parking lot potentially putting themselves in danger.
Having a place dedicated to children’s needs may alleviate this situation, while giving the kids a sanctuary to play and study. During this activities, children will have the option of working on homework, or participating in scheduled activities. The volunteers will manage the activity room, try to assist kids who are working on homework, and engage the kids in crafts, art project, and assorted games.
The success of this activity will depend on the volunteers for this activities. If we can involve sufficient number of volunteers in this activity, we plan to make this a regular service for our devotees on major temple events. If you can volunteer in the activity room, please contact the coordinators, .. {give me names and contact information].
Temple volunteers should be assumed a non-certified baby-sitters and are not experts in kids handling. They will be spending their time for the benefits of devotees and are not temple’s paid employee. Each parent should access their comfort level before leaving kids in the hands of these volunteers. Temple administration takes no responsibilities.