Kitchen - Information:

1) Why is the Hood so big ?

The Hood size is calculated based on the amount of BTU (gas) that is used by all the appliances. The Hood that we have installed was the bare minimum size for the appliances that we have installed. It was designed by Captive Aire (leader in the Industry) taking into account the amount of gas that will be used if all the burners are used at the same time.  

2) What if there is a fire ?

We have installed a high end ANSUL (fire suppression) system which includes fire and heat detectors with an Alarm System. The purpose is to notify occupants to leave the premises before being injured. It also includes an automatic release system of the appropriate chemicals to contain and stifle the fire before it causes damage to the property.  

3) What about Air from the Outside ?

There is a Return Air Unit and a Swamp cooler installed on the roof of the Kitchen. This recirculates air into the Kitchen.  

4) Why do we have so many Sinks ?

It is a requirement for commercial kitchens to have 3 sinks.  

5) Do we have a Grease Interceptor ?

Yes. We have a 500 gallon Grease Interceptor installed on Temple Property. Health Department Inspectors will periodically check the Grease Interceptor.  

6) Why are the Cabinets in Stainless Steel ?

We cannot use wood cabinets in commercial Kitchens because bacteria sticks to wood. Stainless steel cabinets are required for most commercial Kitchens.  

7) Are the Appliances certified for commercial applications ?

Yes. All the Appliances, Sinks and Shelfs installed in the Kitchen are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified.

8) Do we have a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen ?

Yes. The Fire Extinguisher inside the Kitchen is a Class K Fire Extinguisher (color - Stainless Steel). This is a water based solution extinguisher and should not be used to put out Fire caused by Electrical wiring. It should only be used in the Kitchen after the Ansul system has shut off the power to the Hood. In the case of fire caused by electrical wiring, please use the RED fire extinguisher.