9th Temple Anniversary - Message from Board of Trustees

2010 - 9th Temple Anniversary

message from

Board of Trustees of 'The Hindu Society of Nevada'

Dear Devotees,

The Hindu Society of Nevada just completed the 9th Temple Anniversary Celebrations. Every year we, the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Society of Nevada take this opportunity to provide an update to the Community on the 'State' of the Temple.

Since our Anniversary last year, We have completed the following.

  1. Phase II Expansion project – Panditji and his family have moved into their new residence.
  2. Completed the Basement Hall that can hold 100-125 people for small events.
  3. Demolished the east wall in the main temple increasing the capacity of the main temple by about 15%.
  4. Replaced the Vinyl in the main Temple behind the main Parivars with Marble to match the rest of the Temple.
  5. Expanded the area in front of the main Parivars so Panditji can perform Abhishekams and other poojas comfortably and also walk across the Parivars without having to step up and down.
  6. Created a library/classroom for Bal Vihar Students.
  7. Kitchen remodel was completed for devotees to warm food.
  8. Upgraded the Landscaping around the Temple by planting 24” boxed trees around the circumference of the main temple and upgraded the area around the main entrance, parking lot islands and circle areas with more florals and evergreens.
  9. Created a New website and working on automation of payment, subscriptions, News and emailing.

Looking out into the future, there are a couple of projects/tasks that the Board of Trustees is considering:

  1. Enclosure of the Havan Patio including installing a permanent tent structure. This will be the number 1 priority.
  2. Construction of a smaller Mandir with the exact dimensions of the Navagraha Mandir. This will be located to the left of the Main Temple.
  3. The Board is looking to hire a second Panditji –This is a time consuming and delicate process – it has to be a good fit, recognizing the diverse needs of the community.

Financial Update:

We are happy to report that at the end of our 9th Temple Anniversary this year, we have a balance of $175,000 in our money market account and $110,000 in our checking account.

Hundi and Pooja collections during this year have been below normal. We have been able to raise funds through special events, sponsor and board of trustee donations.


We thank the members of the executive committee – Alok Pandey, Nitin Modi, Nirmalya Chatterjee, Ram Mallipeddi and Subhash Kamath for organizing the events at the Temple this year.

We also thank all the other volunteers for their service to our Temple – Food (Dilip Shukla), Bal Vihar (Raghu Krishnamurthy and Padmini Subramanyam), Cultural events (Neeru Piplani), Photography (Dilesh Dave), Web Support (Sanjay Palherkar) and Back Office (Mohan Inguva).


We have been very fortunate to have our Panditji with us since the day we opened the doors of this Temple. For the last 9 years, he has taken care of this Temple single handedly - getting the Temple ready for special events through the year, taking special care to change the clothes on the deities for different occasions and many other things.

He has performed these tasks in addition to performing pujas for our every needs – Homes, Offices, Cars, Weddings, etc., During these past 9 years, he has taken little time off so all of us can have a place to offer our Prayers.

A very special thanks to VANIji for all that she does for the Temple.

On a final note, we would like to THANK all of you for supporting the Temple. We look forward to your continued participation in Temple Festivities in the future.


Board of Trustees

The Hindu Society of Nevada