Chronology of Events

1994: Idea for Temple conceived by members of the Indian Community.

           Ad Hoc committee established consisting of Ranjit Jain, Dipak Desai and Jaldeep Daulat.


1995: Hindu Society of Nevada established

          By-Laws and Constitution was formed and Tax exempt status obtained

          First community fundraiser held in June 1995 that raised $430,000


1996: Extensive search for site. Existing building or land to build new Temple


1997: 5 acres of Land purchased in the Arbors village in Summerlin for $295,000

          Temple planning and design committee formed with Pravin Bakrania, Himanshu Shroff and Dilip Trivedi as members

          Architect Sashi Patel from Pittsburgh, who had extensive experience designing Hindu Temples was hired by Hindu

          Society of Nevada to design Hindu Temple of Las Vegas


1998: Second community fundraiser held on June 7th. Community pledged $300,000


1999: VTN Company of Nevada Engineers and other consultants worked on the Temple infrastructure plans


2000: Traditional ground breaking ceremony (Bhoomi Puja) performed on April 21st according to Hindu scriptures by

          Sri Krishnamacharyulu Samudrala, Priest from Maliby Temple in Los Angeles.

          A second ground breaking ceremony performed on May 6th by Bhanu Joshi, local priest.

          Building Permit issued by City of Las Vegas on May 26th to start construction by General Contractor M.G. Fauci


2001: Order placed for Temple Moorthies (marble statues of Hindu and Jain Gods)

          Sri Gopala Krishna Panchangam hired from India to the Panditji at the Temple

          Opening ceremonies for Utsav Moorthies Prana Pratishtha on April 27-29

          Main Temple Moorthies - Maha Prana Pratishtha on October 26-28

          1st Raffle held on September 8th

          Jain Prana Pratishtha was held on November 3-4


2002: 1st Anniversary Celebration on April 26-28. Sri Balaji and Sri Lakshman Prana Pratishtha

          2nd raffle held on September 7th


2003: 2nd Anniversary Celebration

          4th fundraiser held on November 4th


2004: 3rd Anniversary Celebration

          4th fundraiser held in August


2005: 4th Anniversary Celebration

          Navagraha Mandir Project Construction - Project Manager Gondy Bhaskar Rao         

          Bhoomi Pooja for Navagraha Mandir was performed on April 30th

          5th fundraiser held on September 30th


2006: 5th Anniversary Celebration

          Navagraha Mandir Prana Pratishtha on March 31, April 1-2

          Prana Pratishtha for Sri Balaji Ornaments - Kiritam (crown) and Vadranam (belt)

          6th fundraiser held in September


2007: 6th Anniversary Celebration

          Prana Pratishtha for Sri Balaji Ornaments - Abhaya Hastam (left hand), Shanku (horn), Chakra (discuss),

          Kati Hastam (right hand), Swarna Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi Necklace - April 28-30

          Block wall on East side of Temple completed. Project Manager Rao Gondy


2008: 7th Anniversary Celebration

          Prana Pratishtha for Sri Balaji Ornaments - Makara Thornam (garland), Namam (tilak),

          Naga Bharanam (snake head bangle), Kanta Bharnam (necklace), padalu (feet) - April 25-27

          Phase II Project - Panditji Residence, Basement Hall and Main Temple remodel  - Project Manager Rao Gondy

          Chandi Havan performed at the Temple for the first time with 9 priests on October 31 - November 1


2009: 8th Anniversary Celebration

          Sri Mahalakshmi Homam on April 25-26

          Tree Planting Ceremony (Banyan Tree and Bodhi Tree) on June 18

          Phase II Project - Panditji Residence, Basement Hall and Main Temple Remodel - completed on August 16


2010: 9th Anniversary Celebration

          Sri Lakshmi Narayan Homam


2011: 10th Anniversary Celebration

          Sankata Nasana Ganapathi Yanthra Pooja Homam on April 30 - May 1

          Spring Mela for 10th Anniversary

          Solar Panels Project - $350,000 Grant from NV Energy - Project Manager Rao Gondy


2012: Panditji Brijesh Kumar Raval hired as Priest

          11th Anniversary Celebration - Sri Shiva Puja and Rudra Homam

          Phase III Project - Panditji Residence and Kitchen Upgrade - Project Manager Rao Gondy


2013: Phase III Project - Panditji Residence and Kitchen Upgrade Completed

          12th Anniversary Celebration - Sri Chakra Puja


2014: 13th Anniversary Celebration - All Moorti Abhishekam


2015: 14th Anniversary Celebrations - Sri Lakshmi Narayan Puja, Deep Dhan Puja

2016: 15th Anniversary Celebrations - Hanuman Puja, Navagraha Abhishek and Maha Vishnu Puja

           Panditji Vishnuvardhana Chakrapanachar hired as Priest

2017: 16th Anniversary Celebrations - Rudra Yantra Puja

2018: 17th Anniversary Celebrations - Sudarshan Homam