Executive Committee Nomination – 08/01/2010

August 2010 – July 2012

Dear Devotees,

The Hindu Society of Nevada invites Volunteer Nominations for the Executive Committee Positions listed below.

Please include a brief summary of

  • Reason for joining the Committee
  • Briefly describe the contributions you can make. Please provide any relevant past experience
  • Annual Membership Dues of $250.00

Please mail your nominations to the Temple address listed above before June 30th, 2010 OR you can also hand them to one of the Selection Committee members listed below.

The Board of Trustees will review the nominations and make a decision at the next Board Meeting on July 11th, 2010. Please contact any member of the selection committee listed below if you any questions regarding this process.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Asst. Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Asst. Treasurer

Thank You

Selection Committee:

Rao Gondy (813-8900)   Ramesh Piplani (445-4223)   Nirmalya Chatterjee (837-0738)

Hindu Society of Nevada

1701 Sageberry Drive, Las Vegas NV 89144
Ph: (702) 304-9207