Volunteers – Thank you!!

The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to THANK the following Volunteers who have devoted a great amount of their time and energy in the services of the Temple these past 2 years.

Rao Gondy – Rao has spent a great deal of time in construction and maintenance activities in the Temple – Completing the Phase II Project (Panditji's new residence and basement hall) and the Main Temple remodel (removal of the walls) among other things. As head of the construction committee, he was responsible for all the construction and maintenance work in and around the Temple. Rao was also responsible for the e-newsletters and quarterly flyers that were mailed to devotees. As chairman, he ensured the smooth operation of the Temple.

Alok Pandey – As President, Alok was able to implement policies and procedures for the benefit of the devotees. On numerous occasions, he has stayed back after key events to lead the clean-up. Bal-Vihar program received a tremendous boost due to his active involvement. He introduced Dhantheras to us. Overall, he took great personal responsibility in all aspects of the functioning of the Temple.

Nitin Modi, Nirmalya Chatterjee, Ram Mallipeddi – As Executive committee members, they were instrumental in assisting in co-ordination and organization of the various activities usually at short notice and within a short time frame. They spent time as Sunday Monitors, assisted the Food committee during big events and generally always there to help in any way they could.

Subhas Kamath – As treasurer, Subhas was able to bring together a system to collect money during events at the Temple. He was always present for opening the Hundi on the last weekend of every month for 2 years and to audit our pooja collections every month.

Dilip Shukla – We cannot imagine the food program without Dilip. He has consistently been a driving force with the arrangement of tables and chairs, co-ordinating the food sponsorship, purchasing paper supplies, etc., – He takes the lead role in 2 of his favorite events – Sri Ram Navami and Annakut – taking extra pains to collect funds to serve food for the devotees on these 2 key festivals.

Ramesh Piplani – has repeatedly offered his help in any way possible. He has not let us down – Taking time away from his Business to help co-ordinate major events at the Temple.

Neeru Piplani, Savita Kaushal, Bharathi Sharma – During the 2nd half of each year, we could not have successfully organized events such as Sri Krishna Janmasthami, Dusheera Mela, Sri Durga Ashtami, Diwali and Karva Chauth without the assistance of Neeru, Savita and Bharathi. Not to forget, the annual Rangoli competition.

Shobha Shetty, Rajeshwari Thummala, Uma Murthy – They have come to Vaniji's assistance whenever called upon – especially with the arrangement of flowers or purchasing fruits during big events.

Kirti Shah – The Jain community owes a lot to Kirti Shah. He has single handedly co-ordinated all the Jain activities in the Temple these past 2 years with dates, timing and organization.

Virendra Sanwal – In addition to supplying the paper products for the food program for a number of months, Sanwal has also used the services of his staff in building maintenance activities. He has always helped with the food program arrangements and clean-up.

Sanjay Palherkar – Sanjay has spent a great deal of time at home revamping and maintaining the Temple Website. We have added several enhancements to the site to make it more appealing and with the right amount of information. He deserves a lot of credit for keeping the community informed.

Mohan Inguva – Mohan has supported the process where we update / add new devotees name and address information to an Access database that is later used to print address labels for the 900 flyers that we send out each quarter.

Dilesh Dave – During the past year, Dilesh has been present at all the major events as the main photographer. His photos are regularly updated on the Temple website.

Raghu Krishnamurthy and Padmini Subramanyam – Our Bal-Vihar instructors. This past year, the Bal-Vihar program was re-energized with their active involvement. In addition to teaching our children every Sunday during the program, they have also contributed financially to purchase material for the program.

Mugunth Vaithylingam – Mugunth has been taking care of the Audio system inside the Temple and has been working on implementing a new more efficient audio system inside the main temple and Updating the phone system to go to an automated answering system.

Jagdish Mehta – Our Treasurer for as long as you can remember has maintained our books and tracked our income and expenses diligently.

Chandrashekar Narala and Rajeev Khamamkar – Our new trustees whose belief in our Temple with their financial contribution during these difficult economic times has really benefitted the Temple.

KM Narayanan – Sri Narayanan stepped forward to perform the daily poojas when Panditji had to leave town – driving from Henderson every morning to complete the morning Seva before heading off to work. He also assisted Panditji during all the big events, especially Maha Shivrathri and Anniversary Havan.

Gujarathi Samaj, Sindhi Association, Marathi Mandal, Vegas Telugu Association – These groups were instrumental in co-ordinating the different food items to serve 300-500 people during key events as Annakut, Anniversary, Ganesh Chaturthi. We have relied on them year after year.

Sponsors – To all our pooja and food sponsors, who time and again have stepped forward to donate generously to keep the Temple operating smoothly.

We are sure there are other people that we may have missed – for that, we apologize. We have to understand that these people have performed these tasks while fully employed and taking care of their families. Please THANK them when you see them.