Food Sponsorship

Food Sponsorship:

  1. All communication related to sponsorship of food should be directed to the Food Committee (names provided below).
  2. Sponsors of the Sunday food program will write a check to "The Hindu Temple of Las Vegas" inthe amount of $250 (tax deductible). For those who provide food, sponsorship is $100. If sponsors are providing food it should be safe and of acceptable quality as determined by the Food Committee.
  3. The food for Sunday's will be generally cooked at the Temple by volunteers.
  4. There will be no food served at the Temple on 3 day weekends, holiday weekends and other seasonal Sundays during the year when there are not many devotees visiting the Temple.
  5. Devotees wishing to use the Temple facilities for any function will pay $150 fee and they can bring their own food arrangements to be served at the Temple.
  6. Devotees sponsoring food for major events at the Temple who donate $500 or more will have the opportunity to have special puja performed during that major event.

Food Monitors and Sponsors co-ordination:

Ramesh Piplani 445-4223
DilipShukla 808-2505
Mahendra Mehta

Food Preparation:

Neeru Piplani 234-1071
Savita Kaushal 677-5798
Preetha Sanwal 235-3544
Bharathi Sharma 339-2688