Our Ideology and Mission Statement

Core Ideology / Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hindu Society of Nevada is:

  • To maintain a formal place of worship for the practice of Hindu / Jain religion.
  • To promote religious, moral, and spiritual growth for children, adults, and seniors based on Hindu / Jain scriptures.
  • To provide a place for all regardless of ethnicity and background to practice and learn about Indian culture, traditions, and values.

The Society will accomplish its Mission through the following activities:

  • Prayer sessions, worshiping of deities, pujas, religious ceremonies.
  • Sunday school classes on Hindu / Jain scriptures pertaining to religious culture, and moral values.
  • Programs for adult spiritual growth including readings, discussions of Geeta, meditation, Kirtan, yoga, etc.
  • Celebration of Indian cultural events.
  • Classes on the Hindi language.
  • Opportunities for youth leadership, mentoring, and volunteerism.
  • Summer camps for children.
  • Establishment of charitable foundations to promote the missions set up by the society.
  • Programs/support groups to benefit the needy in the community.