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The following are the events that will take place at the Temple in the month of July, 2014. Please note that the Summer months are slow months at the Temple and therefore there may not be Lunch on some of the Sundays during the months of July and August. 

** Message from Chairman of Board of Trustees Mr Virender Sanwal and President of the Executive Committee Mrs Saroj Chatterjee **

Subject: Nominations for Executive Officers

The Term of the current Executive Committee of the Temple expires on July 31, 2014. The Board of Trustees is requesting nominations for the new Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving the Temple as part of the new Executive Committee, please send your nomination along with a brief write up of your qualifications to Virender Sanwal (vsanwal@yahoo.com) or Saroj Chatterjee (saroj.chatterjee@hotmail.com). The last date for receipt of nominations is July 26, 2014. The Board of Trustees will select the new Executive Committee at the third quarter Board of Trustees meeting on July 27, 2014. The new Executive Committee will begin its term on August 1, 2014 and will serve a term of 2 years.

The positions of the Executive Committee are:




Assistant Secretary

Treasurer (Board of Trustee Member)

Assistant Treasurer

If you have any questions on the Executive Committee positions, their roles and responsibilities, please feel free to give us a call. Our cell phone numbers are listed below.

Thank You.

Virender Sanwal (285-5430)       Saroj Chatterjee (538-2537) 


 Hindu Society of Nevada - Financials

Hindu Society of Nevada
2nd Quarter (April, May, June), 2014
Financial Report
Description Amount
   101.00 Hundi Collections 17,529
   102.00 Puja Collections 12,963
   103.00 Panditji Gopal Collections 6,817
   104.00 Panditji Brijesh Collections 16,862
   105.00 Special Events 0
   106.00 Food Program Sponsorship 2,006
   107.00 Classes 0
   108.00 Sale of Items 0
   110.00 Trustee Membership 0
   111.00 Other Income 3
Total Income 56,180
   201.00 Payroll Expenses 21,443
   202.00 Building Maintenance 7,023
   203.00 Cleaning and Maintenance 4,583
   204.00 Facility Upgrades 178
   205.00 Utilities 4,538
   206.00 Pooja Services 1,088
   207.00 Food Program 3,120
   208.00 City and State Taxes 2,721
   209.00 Insurance 9,937
   210.00 Bal Vihar Expenses 0
   211.00 Printing, Mailing and Supplies 2,383
   212.00 Bank Charges 66
   213.00 Professional Services 0
   214.00 Miscellaneous Expenses 0
Total Expenses 57,080
Net Income / Loss: 900
Capital Projects:
   216.00 Phase III Expansion 2,815

During the 2nd quarter, we realized a net loss of $900.
During the 2nd quarter, Revenue was over the 2014 budget by 6% and our Expenses was over the 2014 budget by 7%. Both Revenue and Expenses falling within the 10% of the Budget.
Rahu Movement:

Panditji Brijesh has provided the following predictions for all the moon Rashi's for the upcoming Rahu transit starting on 7/12/14. Rahu stays in this Rashi for 18 months.

According to Jyotish shastra - Rahu is a very powerful planet (although not a real planet - a different topic for a later time). Its transition is deemed very important. Rahu is a planet that has occult energies and magical powers. The effects of the planets on the human body and mind can be both positive or could be negative effects also. Rahu increases negative energies and also can give unexpected benefits. The effects also depend on a particular person's strength or weakness of Rahu planet placement in their birth chart and their own karma's.

This year on July 12, 2014 Rahu is changing from Tula Rashi (Libra) to Kanya Rashi (Virgo).


1. Mesha rashi (Aries): Rahu being in Kanya Rashi can fulfill one’s desires. Work and business could get organized. You could expect economic improovement. If you did good work in the past, this is the time to get great benefits. You might also get monetary benefits from travel away from home and from your superiors at work. You need to keep an eye on your health for the next 18 months.

2. Vrishabha Rashi (Taurus) : People need to be careful with their investments. You will get investment opportunities but be careful especially in the Financial sector. Courts and law and order will be favorable. Possible chances for food poisoning.

3. Mithuna Rashi (Gemini): Rahu during the upcoming 18 months can create family relationship issues. Keep special focus on relationship with brothers and sisters. Anger can increase. Try to resolve issues with peace at home and work. Do not choose easy and wrong path to make money especially during this time.

4. Karka Rashi (Cancer): Rahu gives good benefits. You can increase your name, fame and social status. Business and work will progress well. Rahu might let you take a great vacation too.

5. Simha Rashi (Leo): You can expect difficulties with family. Obstacles in business are foreseen. Competitors can be troublesome in business. Pay close attention to business and family.

6. Kanya Rashi (Virgo): Rahu is coming and staying into this rashi for the next 18 months. This positioning can led you to take wrong decisions regarding family, business, job and property. You cannot trust anyone fully during this time. You could become fearful. Do not take hasty decisions with partnership businesses. Rahu can also give unexpected benefits too. Pray to lord and keep your mind peaceful. Pay special attention to life and business partners. There are chances of separation from life or business partners due to misunderstanding.

7. Tula Rashi (Libra): This rashi people can expect increased expenses. You need to change your methodology and thought process to be successful in the line of your work during these 18 months. Pay attention to properties, expenses, foreign matters. Changes possible at business and work. Control anger. Doing good work, fulfilling your duties and charitable work leads to good benefits and success. Stay away from negative or work that involves cheating or negative path. You can get opportunities to do great work which can lead you to the path of salvation.

8. Vrischika Rashi (Taurus): You will get good 18 months. You will see new business offers, they can bring you luck. You could meet a powerful person who can bring benefits to you. Chances are there for good travel and fulfilling your dreams. Just need to focus and get work done. You could see benefits from friends also. Foreign business is good. Love matters can solidify. Teeth or ear problems can be expected. Be watchful.

9. Dhanu Rashi ( Sagittarius): Good results can be expected for business. Upper rank people will recognize you. You will also recognize your enemies, you will get new opportunities for business if you have no current business. Health is also good.

10. Makara Rashi (Capricorn): Rahu movement will give better business opportunities. Loosen control to save business. Your self confidence will get you better benefits. Pay respects to mom, father and Guru. Health is mediocre.

11.Kumbha rashi (Acquarius): Not expected to be good period. Difficulties in most work areas. You will get your own earned karma results, positive or negative. Partnership can have separation and your people can leave you. Try to work with calm mind. Health also could be weak.

12. Meena rashi (Pisces): Keep good relationships with partners. Do not get into false pretentions or greed. Careful with court matters. Do not get into arguments with family members. Do not try travel. Keep an eye on your health.

If you need further clarification regarding these above predictions or the effect of the movement of Rahu on your Rashi, please contact Pandit Brijesh at 702 480 3892.

Thank You,

Temple Adminsitration 

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