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Current Events

The following are the events that will take place at the Temple during October and November, 2014.  

A Message from President & Chairwoman:

Dear Devotees, 
We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire community for making the 2014 Dusshera Mela a grand success! Truly, without help from our sponsors, both for the Dusshera meal and the kid’s cornerContinue Reading

Hindu Senior Community of Las Vegas Meeting and Sri Mahamritunjaya Mantra Havan:

HINDU SENIORS COMMUNITY OF LAS VEGAS (HSCLV is a Community of Seniors, for Seniors and by Seniors) invites all interested individuals of Las Vegas to attend its inaugural function to be held on Sunday, November 16, 2014  and participate in MAHAMRITUNJAYA HAVAN (HOMA). Everyone is welcome to participate in Havan to purify himself/herself and purify the atmosphere to save the Mother Earth at no cost followed by an introduction of the HSCLV Community Lunch Prasadam sponsored by HSCLV

For more details, please click here

Date: Sunday, 16 Nov

Havan timing: 10:08 am

Meeting time: Immediately after Havan

lunch prasad: 1:00 Pm

Contact persons:


(702) 416-3127


(702) 234-9934

Life Guidance by Sri Shreekalp jee:

Life Guidance is a spiritual discourse by Shreekalp, it is open to people of any beliefs and denomination. In this program Shreekalp will guide you on what “Spirituality “ means in today’s day-to-day life and how to live a content life by following Spiritual Practices.

Date: Sunday, Nov 16

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Everyone is invited. Please join in this interactive spirituality session. For more details,Click here

Contact for details:

Rajni Phalke: 702-416-3148
Email: punerimasala@gmail.com

Sri SatyaNarain (Katha) Puja: 
Sri Satyanarain puja on Kartik Poornima is considered special. Temple will have Sri Satyanarain puja on this special day. Please join devotees on Thursday at the temple. Sri Satya Narain puja will be followed by dinner prasad.

Date: Thursday, 06 Nov

Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Donation: $101

Puja Items to bring: One yard cotton cloth, flowers - 1 bunch, one packet raisin, 15 pan leaves, 1 coconut, 1/2 pound (un-cooked) rice, 1/2 dozen fruits, 20 quater coins

Contact for details: Pandit Gopal: 702-506-6614

108 Abhishek by jain samaj:

Jain devotees will be performing 108 abhishekam on this day. The ceremony will begin at 8:00am with Snatra Pooja and the abhishek will begin at 9:00am. The regular temple aarti will be performed at 2pm (instead of 12:30pm) and lunch prasad will be served after the aarti. 

Date: Sunday Nov 9

Time: 8:30 am to 2 pm

Donation to perform abhishek to Jain idols at the temple:$51

Puja items to bring: Those who wish to participate in the ceremony, they should bring the followings: Any Jain Idol, Kalash, 3 pieces of clothes - One thick, One medium thick and One fine.


  1. Devotees should not eat or drink (except water) tea, coffee, or use restroom after the shower and should wear clean clothes.
  2. While bringing the idols at the temple, please do not wear shoes and cover the idol with any clean cloth and also cover your face with a clean handkerchief.  

Contact for details: Kirti Shah: 702-533-5279

Special Shiv Abhishek and experience sharing by Mansarovar & Kailash Yatri:

A set of devotees successfully completed Mansarovar and Mt Kailash Yatra. These devotees want to invite community at a special shiva abhishek  and would share their experience.
Abhishek, slide show will be followed by Maha Prasad at 8PM.

Date: Monday, Nov 10

Time: 7 pm


It is with great pleasure that the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Society of Nevada would like to introduce the new administration for the Hindu Society of Nevada. Please join us in congragulating the new administration and wishing them the very best as they administer the day to day operations of the Temple.

Board of Trustees:

Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees  Ms Radha Chanderraj
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees  Mr Rajeev Kamamkar
Treasurer of the Board of Trustees  Mr Mike Ganti

Executive Commitee:

President   Ms Neeru Piplani
Vice President   Ms Saroj Singh
Secretary  Mr Arun Gupta
Assistant Secretary  Mr Paresh Joshi
Assistant Treasurer  Ms Bharti Sharma

Hindu Society of Nevada - Financials

Hindu Society of Nevada
2nd Quarter (April, May, June), 2014
Financial Report
Description Amount
   101.00 Hundi Collections 17,529
   102.00 Puja Collections 36,642
   105.00 Special Events 0
   106.00 Food Program Sponsorship 2,006
   107.00 Classes 0
   108.00 Sale of Items 0
   110.00 Trustee Membership 0
   111.00 Other Income 3
Total Income 56,180
   201.00 Payroll Expenses 21,443
   202.00 Building Maintenance 7,023
   203.00 Cleaning and Maintenance 4,583
   204.00 Facility Upgrades 178
   205.00 Utilities 4,538
   206.00 Pooja Services 1,088
   207.00 Food Program 3,120
   208.00 City and State Taxes 2,721
   209.00 Insurance 9,937
   210.00 Bal Vihar Expenses 0
   211.00 Printing, Mailing and Supplies 2,383
   212.00 Bank Charges 66
   213.00 Professional Services 0
   214.00 Miscellaneous Expenses 0
Total Expenses 57,080
Net Income / Loss: (900)
Capital Projects:
   216.00 Phase III Expansion 2,815

Thank You,

Temple Adminsitration 

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