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Current Events

The following are the events that will take place at the Temple during March 2015.  

Holika Dahan Celebrations: Wednesday, 4 March, 2015

According to Hindu traditions, fire burnt on the eve of Holi known as Holika Dahan symbolizes the burning of Holika. The story as a whole is testament to the power of devotion (bhakta) over the evil represented by King Hiranyakashyapu, as Prahlad never lost his faith.

Celebration Programs:

Holika Dahan:     7:00PM

Dinner:               7:30PM

Contact Persons:

 Neeru Piplani : 702-234-1071
 Saroj Singh : 702-340-4745

Dinner Sponsors :

Amrat & Manorama patel

Dhan & Savita kaushal

Jagdish & Varsha Patel

Kanu & Jaya Patel

Magan & Laxmi Patel

Click here to Read Holika- Prahlad story 

Hindu Senior Community of Las Vegas Meeting:
All are invited to join a presentation by Mr. Iggy Ignatius, developer of the first Indian-American style senior living community "Shantiniketan" in Florida. Presentation will be followed by dinner.
Date and Time: Friday, March 6 at 6:30 PM
For more information and contact persons, Please click here to see the flyer
Ugadhi Celebrations: Friday, 21 March 
Detail to be added soon
Durga Mata ki Chauki (Shardiya Navratri) Celebrations: Friday, March 28
Detail to be added soon
Ram Navami Celebrations: Saturday, March 29
Detail to be added soon
Hindu Temple of Las Vegas Youth Group:
On Sunday, January 25th the Temple’s newly formed Hindu Temple of Las Vegas Youth Group hosted their kickoff event, introducing the youth group to the local Indian community. The event took place at the Red Rock Bowling Lanes, where the participants played unlimited games for two hours, enjoyed pizza, lemonade, and cake, and most importantly spent time meeting new kids. The event was a grand success, as we had over 100 people attend, with over 75 children in attendance.
The Youth Group’s vision is of a vibrant and close-knit community of Indian Youths residing in Las Vegas, by creating an environment for the youth community to grow, learn, play, and giveback. Although, this group has been in existence for less than a month, we have already gained membership of over 150+ enthusiastic youth. It is our hope that the Youth Group will drastically increase youth participation in the Hindu Temple and Community Activities. It is the goal of this organization, to strengthen the connection between Indian-American youth and their native heritage, while cultivating a passion for leadership and volunteerism. We look forward to your continued support in our efforts.
For more info or to sign up please visit: https://www.facebook.com/HTLVYouthGroup


Board of Trustees:

Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees  Ms Radha Chanderraj
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees  Mr Rajeev Kamamkar
Treasurer of the Board of Trustees  Mr Mike Ganti

Executive Commitee:

President   Ms Neeru Piplani
Vice President   Ms Saroj Singh
Secretary  Mr Arun Gupta
Assistant Secretary  Mr Paresh Joshi
Assistant Treasurer  Ms Bharti Sharma

Hindu Society of Nevada - Financials

Hindu Society of Nevada
2nd Quarter (April, May, June), 2014
Financial Report
Description Amount
   101.00 Hundi Collections 17,529
   102.00 Puja Collections 36,642
   105.00 Special Events 0
   106.00 Food Program Sponsorship 2,006
   107.00 Classes 0
   108.00 Sale of Items 0
   110.00 Trustee Membership 0
   111.00 Other Income 3
Total Income 56,180
   201.00 Payroll Expenses 21,443
   202.00 Building Maintenance 7,023
   203.00 Cleaning and Maintenance 4,583
   204.00 Facility Upgrades 178
   205.00 Utilities 4,538
   206.00 Pooja Services 1,088
   207.00 Food Program 3,120
   208.00 City and State Taxes 2,721
   209.00 Insurance 9,937
   210.00 Bal Vihar Expenses 0
   211.00 Printing, Mailing and Supplies 2,383
   212.00 Bank Charges 66
   213.00 Professional Services 0
   214.00 Miscellaneous Expenses 0
Total Expenses 57,080
Net Income / Loss: (900)
Capital Projects:
   216.00 Phase III Expansion 2,815

Thank You,

Temple Adminsitration 

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